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Friday,  Saturday,  and Sunday

Single day usage:

Use of one master bedroom - $ 135.00

Use of two master bedrooms - $ 230.00

Additional use of upstairs central tower bedroom having a full size futon setup - $ 315.00

Two days visits $ 250, $ 420, $ 570


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays

One day visit:

Use of one master bedroom - $ 110.00

Use of two master bedrooms - $ 180.00

Additional use of upstairs central tower bedroom having a full size futon setup - $ 240.00

(Two days visits $200, $340, $510)


Single couple usage on Friday or Saturday is on a two day basis visit only, unless the schedule denotes either of the days already scheduled by others or the single couple scheduled a two day visit Thursday/Friday - Saturday/Sunday. 

If after one bedroom is selected and an odd number of additional guests are schedule for a room, the rate is factored in as half rate

Room rates for Holidays are figured at the weekend rate inclusive of New Years Eve. Guests staying longer than two days get an additional daily discount rate $5.00 for each day with minimun daily bedroom rate rate set at $85.00 per couple

Returning guests are given an additional daily based discount of  $10.00 each visit to the point of reaching a $85.00 minimum per couple daily base rate weekend or week day.  If  previous guests  return with other guests the new folks start at the previous guests new discounted rates based on the number of visits, number of guests, length of stay again to the point of reaching the bottom discount of $ 85.00 per couple.  At the point after a 6th visit rate increases similary by $10.00 in the other direction, after the 12th visit the cycle repeats.

In addition a 6.25% state and a 5% county tax needs to be factored in, for a total 11.25% to determine the full cost of stay.

Arrival time 3-5 PM arrival depending on number of previous days guests - Noon departure, but if no guests are scheduled prior to your visit an effort to be open by noon on day of arrival and similarly if guests are not scheduled on your departure date the setting of departure time at noon is not required.

In the situation of a master bedroom reserved for a planned visit day(s) by one set of guests the other bedrooms are not rented out. Usage of other bedrooms are when well acquainted friends or family decide to visit as a group. The library room has a TV,  VCR, and DVD player. Duncan's sanctum area in the last tall tower has a music system for guests usage (Cd player)  The innkeeper resides at night in the upper front tower and generally keeps his foot paths to the public front section of the structure.  Guests are also certainly welcome to enjoy front section of the house including the dining room, fireplace and living room, and additionally are certainly welcome to utilize the kitchen for preparing lunches or supper meals.

Some people may come here mainly to absorb the architectural nuances. Others might come here simply to get away from things in the outside world. And then there are those who might be looking for a far out and very different atmosphere to be with a group of close friends. I want the visitor(s) to sense they are here to have a prime experience of their choosing, exclusive of interruptions such as coping with unknown arrivals of others and is the main reason the other rooms are not rented out.

Additional reasons for this approach are that the house is setup in an open manner with only one master bedroom (next to the main entrance) being designed to have a privacy door because of its close proximity to the main entrance of the Castle. The sunken bathtub/shower between the master bedrooms require cooperation amongst guests regarding timing of usage. Furthermore a sturdy swinging door lays between master bedrooms with no lock . The unique passageway just mentioned was meant to exist by the architect and the original owner/builder. If you really like doors pick a Victorian structure for lots and lots of doors. The issue of doors was a design decision to let the structure itself provide ample privacy which is accomplished in the way the rooms are set off, as seen in the floor plan. If I have multiple visitors I expect them to be well acquainted and respectful towards each other. The typical usage of doors to emotionally expressively slam about for others to understand some folks state of mind is very limited in this situation. Of course folks are still welcome to echo at night the refrains of 'good night jimbo, ect.', it just lacks the shutting of doors sound effects.

100% Reservation deposit is required for single couples - 50% deposit for more than one couple. The reservation deposit is refundable in case of cancellation when notifying innkeeper two weeks in advance. Remaining full payment for groups of more than one couple  is expected shortly on arrival in cash.  Personal Checks, Money Orders or certified checks are accepted when sent with sufficient time to be processed before arrival. Credit Cards are not accepted. In other situations where payment via postal service is not applicable, (such as due to short notice reservations), cash only upon arrival is acceptable. 

One or two day notice is usually required to schedule a reservation. I normally take no further reservations the day before a visit at 5pm so as to have a time to arrange with other guests when an earlier then usual arrival arrival can be arranged. It is also a pertintent issue for innkeeper to acquire needed supplies like organic bread from natural food Co-op, as well as Arnold's Market's bacon and fresh sausage from Carbondale.

Please read Reservations and Policies page for further details regarding refunds

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