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 Retreat from the outer world to a 25 acre kingdom, an American castle built by Hugh Duncan, a professor of sociology whose hallmark was analysis of architecture, in particular American Architecture; a notable event often accounted to the emergence of works by the great Louis Sullivan. Sullivan's famed apprentice Frank Lloyd Wright had passed away in 1959, so Duncan's choice of a master architect within the  Organic School of architecture led him honor none other than Bruce Goff

Consider a bed and breakfast venture at a premiere organic architectural delight atop a forested bluff in the area of the Shawnee National Forest located on one of the thirteen ancient foothill mountain tops of the Boston Mountain Range that were stranded on this side of the Mississippi River in Southern Illinois, (off of Highway 51 some 13 miles south of Carbondale and several miles East of Cobden). Wing Hill Mountain's height is in the mid range taking its name from its unique shape, (the property itself forms basically one of the Wings). The mountain top's South-Western exposure is extensively strewn about, (including several nice overhangs to nestle into), which came about due to the last Ice Ages meltdown release of a huge amount of water from a glacier dam further north break loose North East of here over a adjacent ridge that includes a recently purchased 200 acre extension of the Shawnee National Forest land purchased from the Nature Conservancy that protects a Bat population in Rich's Cave as a historical Site which Daniel Boone signed and visted in his early exploration of the area in the late 1700's (unfortunatedly because of fungus issue is now iron gated closed).

 Contact at or phone 618-893-4716 for Reservations.

A YouTube video walk through.

Also guests have uploaded numerous images on Web such as on Yahoo flickr.